2009. június 8., hétfő

2889 BRNO

Host: Jozef Cseres, Skleněná Louka (CZ)
Type: Music/arts - Concert
Date: 09 June 2009
Time: 20:00 - 23:00
Location: Skleněná Louka - Centrum současného umění
Street: Kounicova 23
Town/City: Brno, Czech Republic


Asteroids play several potential roles in science fiction: as places which human beings might colonize; as resources for extracting minerals; as a hazard encountered by spaceships travelling between two other points; and as a threat to life on Earth due to potential impacts. According their wish, the sound-&-movement improvisation by AHAD, KEISUKE and JUNYA not simply playing with this symbolism, but with their psychedelic mushroom performance they put up a playful and serious sound statue at the same time to the memory of all of the "lucies in the sky with diamonds" and other beautiful hallucinogen starlighted phenomenas, as well as the "2889 BRNO" what is a small main belt asteroid, which was discovered by the Czech astronomer Antonín Mrkos in 1981, too!

AHAD A.K.A. ZSOLT SŐRÉS - viola, home-mades, toys, circuit bents, effects and other UFOs
MASUDA "DESPERA" KEISUKE - spaceship guitar, effects
ISHII JUNYA - movements, skywalking
and featuring:
YOSHIDA "SUGO" TAKAYOSHI - photon electronic guitar, effects

Masuda "Despera" Keisuke was born and lives in Tokyo 6 June, 1983. He start to concert with his three piece psychedelic & impro & noise rock band Uramichi since 2002 in Koenji Tokyo. He draw on the sounds of Japanese psychedelia, violent noise, and extreme drone sound in order to explore the possibilities and limitations of Japanese Psychedelic Rock. With his rock band, Keisuke hovers on the fringes of what can be called psychedelic, ambient, or noise- creating dense walls of sound with layers of harmonies their live sound can only be compared to a journey with no destination. (The band's name (Uramichi) comes from Japanese Lyric of "Sister Ray" by Velvet Underground.) Keisuke is a playwright and directing in a theater in Rikkyo University, work with Ishii Junya (as Group 33-145) and create several original and radical plays (since 2003 :"Tonsoukyoku" etc...) He write a scenario for film, "A Bao A Que".

Ishii Junya was born in Tokyo 21 April, 1984. He is a dancer and actor. Start to act in theater group in Tokyo-Shidoromodoro in 2002. Act with amount of Keisuke "Despera" Masuda's texts (since 2003); form his own theatre group Kouya no Misshitsu with Keisuke and creating theatre pieces there since 2006. Joined Shu Workshop in Hungary, create performances with Hungarian artists since 2007. Organize workshop and perform with Miqueu Monatanaro at Minimum Party, 2008 in Romania. He is an actor in the film "A Bao A Que" (directed by Kato Naoki, screenplay by Keisuke Masuda). Recently he is working in Tokyo and Budapest. He is the european manager of "Uramichi".

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