2011. július 6., szerda

Zsolt Sőrés Ahad & Jason Robinson (USA) & Attila Dóra & Róbert Gál (CZ/SK)... and?

2011. július 9. szombat, 20h

Róbert Gál (CZ) - poetry
Jason Robinson (USA) - reeds
Attila Dóra - baritone & tenorsax, audiomulch
Zsolt Sőrés Ahad - viola, home-made objects, electronics
Rovar17 - laptop
Noizerr - laptop
PLE - analog synthesizer, theremin

Jason Robinson (born 20 September 1975 in California) is an American jazz saxophonist, electronic musician, and composer. His musical projects cover a wide swath of creative approaches that draw heavily from post-1960s jazz experimentalism, more traditional post-bop performance practices, and emerging electronic music technologies. In addition to an extensive career leading his own groups and performing solo, Robinson co-founded the acclaimed collaborative avant-jazz group Cosmologic and Cross Border Trio, the latter a group featuring bassist Rob Thorsen and Mexican drummer Paquito Villa. Robinson has also performed extensively in the American reggae and jam band scenes, most notably with the Sonoma County, California-based internationally touring roots reggae group Groundation.

Robinson grew up in Folsom, California, where he first studied jazz under saxophonist Jeff Alkire and graduated from Folsom High School, where he was mentored by music director and saxophonist Curtis Gaesser. As a teenager, he frequented the jam sessions of Sacramento, then part of a thriving jazz scene in the Capital City.

Robinson studied jazz at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and Sonoma State University in Sonoma County, California. Receiving degrees in Jazz Studies and Philosophy from Sonoma State, Robinson was mentored by the late bassist and composer Mel Graves, who also recorded on From the Sun, Robinson's first album as a leader. It was in Sonoma County that many of Robinson’s most important early musical partnerships were developed. He a founding member of the group Cannonball (an early group of San Francisco's Jazz Mafia), was the first saxophonist in the influential roots reggae group Groundation, collaborated with a huge variety of Bay Area jazz musicians, and founded Circumvention Music.

Zsolt Sőrés Ahad:

Atilla Dóra:

Róbert Gál (1968) is a Prague-based Slovak writer & performer. He’s the author of several books of philosophical aphorisms and the novels Krídlovanie (On Wing) and Agnómia (2006 and 2008, in Czech 2010). His texts are difficult to categorize by genre, but were included in many international magazines and anthologies. A selection of Gál’s aphorisms, together with his work Znaky a príznaky (2003) was also published as a book in English (Signs & Symptoms, Twisted Spoon Press 2003). An extensive excerpt from Agnomia was selected for the prestigious anthology Best European Fiction 2012 to be published by Dalkey Archive Press in the US this fall.


1095 Budapest IX.,
Soroksári út 58. Közvágóhíd
e-mail: kapcsolat@r33.hu
Map, contact: http://r33.hu/index.php/kapcsolat

2011. július 2., szombat


2011. július 5. 21h Roham Bár

Második alkalommal kerül sor nagyszabású zajongásra a Roham Bárjában. A Magyar Zaj Napja után, júliusban saját készítésű minifesztiválunkkal kedveskedünk a noise műfaj rajongóinak, immáron másodszor. Vendégünk Sőrés Zsolt Ahad, aki most egy japán kollégával kiegészülve ad különleges koncertet, utánuk pedig az ifjú titán, Faul következik, aki idén jelentette meg első szólóanyagát az Anker Rec. gondozásában.


- SŐRÉS ZSOLT AHAD (mélyhegedű, elektronika) és KAZUHISA UCHIHASHI (gitár, daxofon, effektek)





electric guitar , daxophone
Kazuhisa Uchihashi was born in Osaka, Japan in 1959. Plays guitar since his twelfth years, mainly "Pop'n Roll" thoroughout his teens. Later he became involved in jazz.
Since 1983 he has devoted himself intensively to free improvised music. He experimented thouroughly with many different kinds of machines and sound-devices to expand the expression possibilities of the electric guitar.
He also composed music for films, theatre plays, dance. Among them, he has been working with Japanese Thertre group "ISHINHA" for more than 25 years.
He made a name for himself in Japan in concerts with such improvising musicians as Hans Reichel, Fred Frith,Tom Cora, Ned Rothenberg, Barre Phillips, Kan Tae Fwan, Peter Brotzman, Derek Bailey, Samm Bennett, Steve Beresford, Jon Rose, Zeena Parkins, Elliott Sharp, Eugene Chadbourne, Henry Kaiser, Chris Cutler, Charles Hayward, Han Bennink, Shelley Hirsch, Gene Coleman, GURU GURU, Franz Hautzinger, Roger Turner, Bobby Previte, Wayne Horvitz, Mani Neumeier, Chiristian Marclay, Mark Feldman, Joelle Leandre, Carl Stone and others.
He has been conducting his rock-oriented powerful improvised band "Altered States" for 21 years and continues to create his own new guitar music in solo as well as in "Altered States". He is also known by playing with Otomo Yoshihide's GROUND ZERO for long years.
Since 1996 he has also been organizing the New Music festival "BEYOND INNOCENCE" in Osaka every year untill 2007. 
He is also known by only one daxophone player in Japan (daxophone is new instruments Hans Reichel created).
Recently he started new project with his own multi phonic surround system.

Roham Bár
1088 Budapest, 
Vas utca 16.
E-mail: roham@roham.hu