2010. augusztus 3., kedd

ÉN/Q./AHAD: PAW MUSIC CD - the first review by FRANS DE WAARD in VITAL WEEKLY. = No. 741, Week 31 (August 3, 2010)

PAW MUSIC album front cover image. Photo: HEyeRMEarS

ÉN/Q./AHAD - PAW MUSIC (CD by Ronda)

A trio of improvisers. One is France, Quentin Rollet, a.k.a. Q., on alto saxophone, microphone, feedback and voice, and the other two from Budapest: Pál Tóth, a.k.a. Én on electronic devices, objects, contact microphones and voice and Zsolt Sőrés, a.k.a. Ahad, on viola, analogue synthesizer, objects, contact microphones, feedback and voice. All three have an extensive background in the world of improvised music, especially Q. and Ahad, but they manage to capture here something that is pretty interesting and side stepping the various genres inside the field of improvisation. The contribution of Q. on the alto saxophone is throughout the most 'standard' thing around here, which is not bad as it adds a certain curious free improvisation to it. But at other times he is on par with the other two, who play a great electronic set of sounds. Én's solo work came close to microsound, an interest he brings on board here too. Stretched out field of drone like sounds, piercing sine waves and feedback along with the scraping of violins and pre-taped sounds (field recordings maybe?) make a great set of improvised pieces. A wild combination of pure improvisation and what seems to me composed layers in the background. The closest it comes to resembling something else, I think, is Morphogenesis, although this trio have a more lively dynamics.
From the extreme soft to the brutal loud, they move more freely around in abusing their instruments. A highly dynamic force, this trio. Excellent stuff and I'm told there is more to come.
Address: http://www.ronda-label.com/
Image from the PAW MUSIC cover. Photo: HEyeRMEarS 

In this video: PÁL TÓTH a.k.a. ÉN

The Ahad (right), Én (middle) and Q (left) trio in the break of Paw Music Session

Photo: Célia Bonin


Quentin Rollet a.k.a Q—alto saxophone, microphone, feedback, voice
Zsolt Sőrés a.k.a Ahad—viola, ebow, analogue synthesizer, objects, contact microphones, feedback, voice
Pál Tóth a.k.a Én—electronic devices, objects, contact microphones, voice

Recorded on Thursday, 8th August, 2002; mixed on Thursday, 8th August, Friday, 23rd August, Tuesday, 17th September, 2002 at the Arion Studio, Budapest, Hungary
Engineered and mastered by János Horváth
Remastered in March and April, 2003 by Zsolt Kovács at the Psψchoplasmics Studio, Diósd, Hungary

Image from the PAW MUSIC cover. Photo: HEyeRMEarS

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number 741
week 31