2009. augusztus 3., hétfő

SPIRITUS NOISTER at the Symmetry Festival

We cordially invite you all to the concert of SPIRITUS NOISTER (Katalin Ladik, Zsolt Kovács, Zsolt Sőrés a.k.a. Captain Ahad and Endre Szkárosi) at the Symmetry Festival 2009 at the ArtMill, Szentendre,
20:30, 4th August, Tuesday, 2009!
You can listen Spiritus Noister here:

Laboratory of Intuition - Cracow, Poland, 10. 07. 2009

The 3rd edition of "Laboratory of Intuition" - series of concerts of free improvised music in Krakow. Special quest is Zsolt Sőrés a.k.a. Captain Ahad. He plays today evening in Centre of Contemporary Arts "Solvay" on electronics with Paulina Owczarek, Tomek Choloniewski and Rafal Mazur.