2010. június 25., péntek

New CD album release! PAW MUSIC (RND14)

QUENTIN ROLLET aka Q. / ZSOLT SŐRÉS aka AHAD / PÁL TÓTH aka ÉN: PAW MUSIC (RND14) CD released by the French label Ronda, co-produced with ReQords and HEyeRMEarS Discorbie.

Release date: 24 June, 2010.

Unit price: €13.00 EUR (+ shipping cost)
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"«Paw Music» is an improvised creation performed by Pál Tóth, Quentin Rollet and Zsolt Sőrés in Budapest. «Paw» is a dynamic intersection of three different individual sound aesthetics that purposely met one summer day in studio at the Danube island in Budapest in order to explore the potential of chaos, to set up intuitively the significant planes in it, and to communicate their imaginations and desires in mutual interactions. No more, no less, just a natural ambition of three creative beings wishful to articulate the plurality of ungraspable world at one of its fringes."

Quentin Rollet
Zsolt Sőrés
Pál Tóth

Special thanks to Luc Revertier (Ronda), Quentin Rollet (ReQords) and Jozef Cseres (HEyeRMEarS).

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