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2010-03-07. Brno - Abstract Monarchy Duo

Hilary Jeffrey / Ahad & Franz Hautzinger / Nicolas Collins

23. Expozice nové hudby / 23. Exposition of New Music - Brno
Sunday, 07 March 2010
18:00 - 22:00
Music Club Fleda
Štefánikova 24
Brno, Czech Republic


Hilary Jeffrey / Ahad & Franz Hautzinger (Abstract Monarchy Duo) / Nicolas Collins concerts on the Exposition of New Music 2010 - 23rd year in Brno, Czech Republic

This year's program reflects the wide variability of musical space, without pandering to the masses, or following uniformity. Today this space has become a natural environment for a wide range of creative approaches.
This allows juxtaposition of classic works of music of the late 20th century - America's Morton Feldman and John Cage, the Ukraine's Valentyn Silvestrov, famous British music journalist and experimenter David Toop, mysterious sound objects from DAMA DAMA's leader Dan Dlouhý, or music in real time, developed by the American trombonist Nicolas Collins, Dutchman Hilary Jeffery and the Austro-Hungarian Abstract Monarchy Duo.
The absence of integrated subject matter for this music festival does not mean the theme is missing. The theme is the music itself and its variety of forms.

Program on Sunday, March 7, 2010, 18:00
Music Club Fleda, Štefánikova 24, Brno

Hilary Jeffery (NL/UK)

1. Tromboscillator (2002-today)

Hilary Jeffery - trombone and live electronics

The composer, writer, artist, and trombone magician Hilary Jeffery performs one of his continually developing compositions. The Tromboscillator is not a specific instrument, it is an idea of the sound which happens when a trombone mutates and melts into another virtual world. It is the sound of an imaginative journey from interior worlds transformed and transmitted via music: from the mind and breath - through the trombone - to a microphone - into the computer or analogue processor where the audio signal is fed through circuits which transform the sound.

2. Abstract Monarchy Duo (A/H)

A Temporary Abstract Autonomous Improvisation (2010)

Franz Hautzinger - quarter-tone horn, effects
Zsolt Sőrés a.k.a. Ahad - viola, electronics, home-made instruments, circuit bent toys, theremin, percussion, effects, objects

In the Abstract Monarchy Duo project the well-known Austrian trumpet player Franz Hautzinger pulled together with the Hungarian viola player and intermedia experimentalist Zsolt Sőrés to discover, in the rich structured soundscapes, the unexplored corners of intimate sound processes. In their music the sense of off-hand improvisation and real time composing with prudent minimalist and ambient aesthetics are fusing. Non-conventional use of traditional instruments and application of new technologies in unusual way activate a spontaneous experience on both subconscious and ritual levels.

3. Nicolas Collins (USA)

Pea Soup II (1973/2002)
The Talking Cure (2002)
Salvage (Guiyu Blues) (2008)

Nicolas Collins - electronics, home-made instruments and gadgets
Pavel Zlámal - clarinet (Pea Soup II)
Students of Musicology Institute FF MU (Salvage)

The US experimentalist Nicolas Collins presents three typical examples of postmodern treatment of sounds and voices, based on his longstanding focus on processuality, interactivity, and evolving of found or deliberately created sound situations of the most versatile features and origins. In collaboration with the clarinet player Pavel Zlámal and the students of the Musicology Institute he proves that good experimental music can be made even in terms of unsophisticated ideas; and neither instrumental skill nor university degree must necessarily affect it.
Listen: www.nicolascollins.com/peasouptracks.htm

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